"LWD Consolidated Trust CDC Inc." - We are a non-profit organization that strategizes with community based organizations and local businesses to maximize on the social well being of the people, building communities financially and cities/towns economically.

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We have over 10 years of experience in soft skills training and workforce development programs. But also working in fields that consist of family counseling, conflict resolution, psychiatric and drug rehabilitation played a valuable roll in helping people get and maintain employment. Down through the years we've helped 100's of individuals as well as families get back on track with our programs. 

Projects & Programs

Youth Development
PSYCHIATRIC & Drug Rehabilitation
Conflict Resolution
Community Redevelopment
Personal, Family, Group & Trauma Counseling 
Educational Pep Rally's
Gang Violence Prevention & Intervention

Gang Violence Intervention & Prevention (GVI)

Work Force Development!

How It Works!

We supply companies with highly trained individuals to better serve their customers.  

Rather than picking through piles of resumes or deal with temp agencies sending unqualified people, your company will play a part in training your own workforce through the LWD workforce development program. 

By requiring your employee's to train candidates your company has more opportunity to reach it's highest potential. Also by rotating your employee's to train candidates, it keeps your employee's a breast of the companies procedures and policies while growing your staff. 

Treated as a regular offsite work day, theirs no extra cost or fee's your company has to pay out! Just the HUGE opportunity to grow your company and the economy alongside of building a sustainable workforce.  Get your company involved today!!!

Gospel Events 

Community Redevelopment

Youth STEAM Programs

Speaking Engagements

Comedy Shows

Group Counseling