Our Origins

The “Majority League” was originally the community outreach and entertainment department for the Downtown Cultural Arts Center in Baltimore, Md. Raising funds to facilitate community enrichment programs.

 To this day, two Majority League acts have made a career for themselves in comedy, Jess Hilarious and Desi Alexander. The “Majority League Variety Show” aired on local television networks in the DMV area. 

From this platform we became the outlet to resources for people and organizations to get the help they were searching for. We were also invited to be apart of a few city and state boards center around community engagement and redevelopment. With all that we learned throughout the years, we had to create our own non-profit LWD Consolidated Trust CDC Inc. to ensure that things get done properly.  

We are also the co-founders of The Dolfield Consolidated Trust a community based organization who was granted $300.000.00 by the Baltimore City Impact Race Track Fund. These funds are awarded to The Dolfield Consolidated Trust every year for the next 20 years to redevelop and sustain the up keep and overall beautification of the Dolfield Business District in the Ashburton Community. 

Callaway Elementary School received $100,000.00, bringing the school into the 21st century with technology and enrichment programs as well as $20,000.00 that went to The Boys and Girls Club for after school programs. We are still on the boards of these organizations along with others that are still active and are a major benefit to the communities there in. 

Note: During the redevelopment of the Dolfield Business District in Baltimore Md. a relationship was built with M Luis Construction and LWD Consolidated Trust CDC benefitting the entire Ashburton community for generation to come. Not only did M Luis hire directly from our program but also donating their time with free labor during the development of the Dolfield Business District. 

Blue print of the newly redeveloped Dolfield Business District
Senator Barbara Robinson, greeting Rahsheda Flowers Happy with our work in the community
Senator Jill P. Carter & Rahsheda Flowers
Desi Alexander, Jess Hilarious, Rahsheda Flowers & Duane Alexander at the Comedy factor Omaha NE.
Ben Jealous Announced his run for governor of Md. in our Business District!

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