Gang Violence Intervention & Prevention 

Gang Violence Intervention in Baltimore starts with intervening when it gets violent or prior. We are the only organizations willing step in when local gangs and rival neighborhoods clash.  

300 GANGSTAS PFK Boom on the cover of "The Guardian

300 GANGSTAS filmed feeding the homeless by channel 13 news

300 GANGSTAS doing security at the women's shelter

300 GANGSTAS working with the Christian churches and the Muslim temples to stop the violence

300 GANGSTAS show up when the people call!

Gang Violence Preventions starts with including gang members in the conversation about gang violence. We also include them in various events where they can use their talents to voice their experiences through music, poetry and comedy. 

Charles Barkley signing balls with the youth in our program

THROWBACK ALERT!!! Artist who performed regularly in our open mic events and musical showcases are now international touring artist!!! Faces like Jess Hilarious and Desi Alexander doing standup comedy all around the world, popping up in sitcoms and movies! Also world renown poet Kondwani Fidel who was also on the cover of a few magazines!!! 

Former NBA star Juan Dixon speaking with our youth at Coppin State University.

We also go to various schools to speak with the troubled young men their all male enrichment programs 

The youth marched with us from where the police killed Tyrone West to the Freddy Grey crime scene. Releasing balloons and prayers to bring peace and love back to our communities